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Our Church thrives because of the energy and style of the people who are a part of our leadership. Here are a few of the people that make our church community special:

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 Pastor David Clark

From 1973 until the present, Pastor Dave has found a variety of ways to serve the Lord. For a history of his past service, please go to "About our Parish/our pastor".



Donna Miller - Choir Director 


Donna Miller has been the Choir Director at Mt. Zion since 1980. Her duties include the preparation of special liturgy responses and music for use during the Lenten and Advent seasons, choosing the Service music for the entire year with the help of the Church Life/Worship/Music Committee,  directing the choir and helping to direct the Mt. Zion Kids Christmas Play.



 Mt. Zion Choir

 The Mt. Zion Choir is a group of enthusiastic singers who practice weekly on Thursday evenings at 7:00 PM. Each Sunday the choir  leads the congregation in hymns and special music during the worship service, with Organist Debbie Drobenak.  The choir also sings for other special events and is invited to sing at other churches for special programs.

One Sunday each month the Mt. Zion choir is joined by several members of our sister church, Upper Bermudian Lutheran, Ground Oak. The choir is on vacation during the months of July, August and some Sundays in September. During these months we have a more casual contemporary worship service with special music guests from other churches or our own parish providing selections in place of an anthem.

If you enjoy praising God with your voice in song, come join us some Thursday evening @ 7:00 PM. No need to be able to read music or be solo material….just a desire to praise God and make a joyful noise.

  by Donna Miller

The Joint Choir (Mt Zion and Ground Oak) at the home of Frank and Dawn Bodenberg for our year end picnic.


Seated on left side to right: Makenzie Sayers, Brenda Graver, Donna Miller, Felicia Steinour, Barry Steinour, Duane Hoffman, Kathy Hoffman, Rhoda McDermond, Debbie Moles, June Cline, and Cindy Hogue

Standing from left: Charlie Graver, Vince Lobaugh, Debbie Drobenak (organist) and Dawn Bodenberg

Not Present: Danielle Lenker, Stasia Rhine, Joyce Sowers and Pastor Dave Clark

Camera Man - Bob Cline (with the help of Makenzie)

Debbie Drobenak - Current Full Time Organist

Debbie Drobenak is originally from Bedford, PA and moved to Adams County in 1985.  She has been married to Rick for 40 years and they have 3 children and 5 grandchildren.  She has been playing the organ for St. Francis Catholic Church in Gettysburg since 2008.  She began playing at Mount Zion in 2014.

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Jim Beam - Former Organist 

Isabelle Grenoble - Former Assistant Organist

In 1953 Jim Beam became the pianist for the Men's Bible Class in the church social room.  In 1969, upon the retirement of Mrs. Nelle Beam, Jim became the full time organist and Mrs. Isabelle Grenoble became the assistant.  Jim was also organist for the Jr. Choir for a number of years.

During the summer months, Isabelle served as organist.

For a brief history of past Mt. Zion organists, see the Church History section.


 June 2012:  Jim retired after a long service to the church. 


Mt. Zion Council:

Members of Council meet the third Tuesday of every month to discuss the concerns of the congregation, to approve bills, and to discuss finances, to name a few. Committee reports are presented from the various groups in the church, as well as financial reports from the Treasurer. The pastor reports on the news of the Synod and also news from the monthly Pastors Meetings, which he attends.

Anyone is welcome to attend these meetings to learn what Council is all about or to present an idea for them to consider.

Council members serve a three year term when elected with new elections being held in December when a member(s) is leaving Council.  Membership is open to all church members and new faces are always welcome to join!


2020 Council Members 


Members from Left to Right:

Danielle Lenker, Treasurer

Nan Helm

Diane Richwine, Secretary

Keith Snyder

Pastor David Clark

Cindy Hogue, President



To learn more about our committees and groups, please go to the Mt. Zion Committees page.

August 14, 2020

Worship Times

9:00 am - 10:00 am


10:30 am - 11:30 am


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Weekly Bible Study:

Every Wednesday:

Ground Oak at 9:00 am

       Mt. Zion at 6:30 pm









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