Diane’s Mission Trip

Mission Work

Diane Richwine returned safely and full of joy from her mission trip [January 17 – 24, 2019] to La Gonave Isle, Haiti. She and the team of 5 others from First Baptist Church of Gettysburg were feeling blessed to have accomplished so much in their service to God as they ministered to over 600 patients, 70+ teachers, and countless others during this trip.

Highlights included three salvations, visiting a new village that had never had a medical team there in the past, lots of singing and dancing, a new food ministry, and prayers answered for the opening of the new airstrip! Over 150 pounds of rice were distributed during 2 of the 4 medical clinics, along with a gifting to 17 neighbors. Although the team had to make the gruesome 3½ hour ride of 20 miles when they arrived on the island, shouts of praise and many tears of joy were shed when approval to fly out on the new airstrip for their departure was received just the day before they left for home!

Diane wants to express her feelings of heartfelt gratitude again for the unending support of her two church families and MZ Ladies Aid.

JULY 2021 Update:  

Dear Mount Zion and Ground Oak Friends

Greetings from sunny and sometimes rainy Florida!

I am requesting for you all to renew your prayers for the citizens of Haiti.  The recent assassination of their president aggravates an already tense set of circumstances in their turmoil filled country.  Please pray for justice to prevail and for a godly leader to be raised up.

Our mission team had begun making plans in late May to return to La Gonave in January 2022.  However, shortly after that, the US government forbid any travel to Haiti due to the unsafe conditions of kidnappings for ransoms and a surge in criminal activity.  [So many of the people are increasingly desperate for some semblance of a decent life and unfortunately, some will resort to any means of surviving.]  Now our planning is on hold as we wait and pray for conditions to improve so we may make our next trip to Gros Mangles.

Although the vast majority of upheaval is on the mainland, our friends on La Gonave suffer from the ripple effect of what happens there.

I am happy to report that the book written by my dear friend and mission teammate, Shirley Smith, has been published.  Destined to Make a Difference is a tribute to Clotaire Celius and all he has done to continue to support the people of La Gonave.  I worked with portions of the writing, choosing graphics, editing, and translating the English version of the book into French, which we will use when we can make our next mission trip.  When I return to PA in August I will make copies of the book available for anyone who would like a personal copy.  There is no charge for the book, but we are accepting donations which will be directed to our Haiti Mission Fund account.

         Thanks to everyone for your prayer support.  Some of you are still searching for dollar bills having “H” or “A” on the treasury seal and donating them for our Haiti Funds.  We so appreciate your generosity with this project also!!

Serving for Him with love,

Diane Richwine