Parish Events

Parish Events in 2020

Due to the covid-19 outbreak, our events for March and April have been cancelled. Later events are pending at this time.

5/2  Cancelled until later this year.  Upper Bermudian Annual Spring Tea 5/24 Post-poned until later this year. Mt. Zion 150th Anniversary celebration with meal after the late service – 12:00 pm

6/21  Family Day Potluck Picnic at the Mt. Zion Pavilion after joint service – 12:00 pm

7/15 Wednesday – Sunday July 19 – Confirmation Work Camp to help local families in need.

8/16 Hot Dogs/Sundaes after joint service – 12:00 at Mt. Zion

11/7 Fall Festival at Mt. Zion – proceeds benefit JYG Labor Day Weekend Retreat

12/5 5th Annual Holiday Spectacular at Mt. Zion – 7:00 pm