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Diane Richwine returned safely and full of joy from her mission trip  [January 17 – 24, 2019] to La Gonave Isle, Haiti. She and the team of 5 others from First Baptist Church of Gettysburg were feeling blessed to have accomplished so much in their service to God as they ministered to over 600 patients, 70+ teachers, and countless others during this trip.

Highlights included three salvations, visiting a new village that had never had a medical team there in the past, lots of singing and dancing, a new food ministry, and prayers answered for the opening of the new airstrip! Over 150 pounds of rice were distributed during 2 of the 4 medical clinics, along with a gifting to 17 neighbors. Although the team had to make the gruesome 3½ hour ride of 20 miles when they arrived on the island, shouts of praise and many tears of joy were shed when approval to fly out on the new airstrip for their departure was received just the day before they left for home!

Diane wants to express her feelings of heartfelt gratitude again for the unending support of her two church families and MZ Ladies Aid.

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Photo Gallery of Diane's mission trip:

October 20, 2020

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