Hymns and other Music


Praising God Through Music

We are blessed to have wonderful musicians and vocalists who fill our churches with music and praise.  The following songs are just a sample of the amazing talent we are blessed with.

Memorial Day Patriotic Songs by Wayne Rodgers and Debbie Drobenak

I Received the Living God

by Felicia Steinour and Pastor Dave Clark

During this past Holiday Season, The Parish Choir decided to record some holiday music to lift everyone’s spirits. With proper social distancing, they have given you the following songs.

2020 Holiday Music by Parish Choir

Holiday Recordings by Debbie Drobenak: 

Bring a Torch Jeannette Isabella

by Debbie Drobenak

The following are instrumental arrangements by Debbie Drobenak

Remembering Donna Miller:

In September 2020, the choir got together to remember Donna by singing some of her favorite songs:

The following selections are guests and members sharing their talent with us


Above video by Debbie Drobenak