Ground Oak Committees

Jenni Lobaugh

Jenni Lobaugh


Jenni Lobaugh creates the weekly bulletins for Ground Oak’s worship service. In addition she performs many other duties to keep the service running smoothly.

Sexton – Curt Eger

Cemetery Committee:

Property Committee:
The Ground Oak Property Committee takes care of repairs to the church and other buildings and grounds owned by the church. They are a vital part of keeping the church running smoothly with all their work behind the scenes. Take time to thank those who give of their time so that we all can be safe and comfortable.

The members are: Dean Lobaugh, Ted Sowers, Curtis Sowers, and Tim Sowers.


Ladies Aid Committee:

Seated: Peggy Hoffman, Joyce Sowers and Joanne Kuhn
Standing: Julie Williams, Dawn Bodenberg and Kay Bupp
Not Present: Jenni Lobaugh, Jolene Schildt, Holly Cookerly, Fay Sheeley, Kathy Hoffman