Ground Oak Leadership

David Clark

David Clark


From 1973 until 2021, Pastor Dave found a variety of ways to serve the Lord.

Unfortunately for us, The Lord decided to call him home in September, 2021 and we are in the call process to find another pastor.

The Ground Oak Singers

The Ground Oak Singers, led by Kathy Hoffman, entertain the Ground Oak congregation with beautiful music, and for special Sundays and events, participates with the Mt. Zion choir.

Kathy Hoffman

Kathy Hoffman

From left: Holly Cookerly, Joyce Sowers, Julie Williams, Angela Marts, Kathy Hoffman, Dawn Bodenberg, Brian Davis, Pastor Clark, and Duane Hoffman

Vince Lobaugh

Vince Lobaugh


Vince has led the music at Ground Oak for over fifty years. He also serves as a backup VLobaughorganist for Mt. Zion.

Photo Courtesy of Gettysburg Times

Ground Oak Council Members


Note: Picture above is of the 2020 Council Members. An updated picture will be taken, hopefully later this year, when it is safe to have members close together.

2021 Members:

Curt Sowers (President),  David Richwine (VP), Fay Sheeley (Secretary), Seth Hoffman (Financial Recorder), Steve Moles (Treasurer), Duane Hoffman, Bonnie Sowers (Communion Recorder)