About Our Churches

Mt. Zion has a long-standing partnership with Upper Bermudian Lutheran Church located on Ground Oak Church Road about 6 miles away. These two congregations have shared a pastor and some ministries for decades, even to the point of alternating worship times so that each has an early service (9AM) on half of the Sundays, and a late service (10:30AM) on the alternate Sundays. The Sunday School schedule also alternates, so if you miss worship, you may still benefit from the personality and loving ministries of this congregation through Sunday School. All are welcome.

We are all invited to become children of God, and to live out that identity in all that we say and decide and do. The more we remember Our Father, the more we become aware of all that the LORD does for us. Even if you are not able to worship with us, you are encouraged to invest yourself more deeply in God, and allow the LORD to help you live a deeper and more abundant life.


For those who are not members but interested in contacting a staff member or group leader, please use the “Contact Us” Menu at top right of the web page. Leave your email address or phone number for someone to get back to you.